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Your Friend in Music, Carol Kaye.


Some Former Students:

John Clayton who played elec. bass on the road w/Count Basie’s band – now has Grammies for his great arranging, his great Grammy-winning Clayton-Hamilton Orchestra, also for Diana Krall etc.; Alf Clausen (was a bassist, wrote for Moonlighting and Grammy-winning Simpsons TV shows), Reinie Press w/Neil Diamond, did HAIR Show & movie; Charles Meeks w/Chuck Mangione, Jim Hughart, Mike Schnoebelen fav of Buddy Rich’s, Bassist/Conductor Manhattan Transfer, Dave Hungate & Mike Porcaro both of Toto, Putter Smith, Monty Budwig who along with Jim Hughart, Joe Mondragon, Arnie Egilsson, Bob Berteaux, all of whom Carol taught on elec. bass, were the finest jazz bassists in LA, Tom Wakeling, Max Bennett, Whitey Hogan, Abe Luboff, Pat Senatore, Richard Maloof – many of known studio/jazz string bassists in LA.

Also taught: Trey Thompson, Steve LeFever, Carrie Barton, Bob Stone, Robin Mitchell, Robert Russell, Bob Apperson, Don Bagley, Steve Edelman, Dave Edelstein, Mike Porcaro, Ray Neopolitan etc.

During the 1970s, most bass players of vip USA rock bands came for personal lessons as well as the finest string bassists of the studio work.
In 1980s, taught: Bill Laymon (w/Dave Nelson band, Jefferson Airplane sub, and with New Riders of Purple Sage), Scott Hinkle (now in Austin), Arnie Moore live & studio work, now an actor, Jeremy Cohen, many fine others in the Bay area, Ron Bland in Denver, etc., also Frank Carroll, Roy Vogt, Lynn Keller, the fine NYC jazz bassist Marco Panascia.

Taught guitar – Shuggie Otis late 1950s, lately Gabe Manzo, Kevin Downy (NZ) on guitar, others.

Influenced Bass VIPs with bass books: Sting, Jaco, Stu Hamm, Abe Laboriel, Tiran Porter, Nathan East, Debby Hastings, Mo Foster, John Paul Jones, Leon Gaer, Christian McBride, Joel DiBartolo, Hutch Huchison, Bill Bodine, Alison Prestwood, more.

Books are still widely used in Accredited Music Schools worldwide and endorsed by Bob Bain, #1 most-recorded Guitarist; Plas Johnson (Pink Panther) Jazz Sax Studio Musician; Alf Clausen Grammy-Award Composer-Arranger Simpsons TV; Joel Leach Award-Winning Educator/Director of Music Cal-State Northridge, etc.